Pizza: deflected!

A loyal bakesale customer — loves the evil-doodles.

A loyal bakesale customer — loves the evil-doodles.

The vegan bakesale was a hit today. We raised around $250 for KYRS, the local community radio station. The Spokane Vegans, as usual, pulled out all the stops. We had lemon drops, pastry cream cheese cookies, double fudge almond, ginger snaps, muffins… that’s, like, half of what we had to offer. We’re a giving bunch, I can say that much.

I came home and all I could think of was pizza. Pedro’s Pizza. I was so tired from the sale, I felt that I had done my vegan duty for the day and started to justify why a cheesy, delicious pizza made sense.

And then I remembered that would not only superfluous cheese consumption, but laziness. Those are two things I’m trying to change. With the last sliver of will power I went into the kitchen and tried to imagine a delicious vegan meal. An hour later and one trip to the Rocket for tamari, I channeled my inner New Yorker and came up with open faced tofu-ball sandwiches. Whipped up a quick sauce, tofu balls, toasted the sourdough from yesterday — bam. Done. It was better than a pizza, and far less heartburn inducing.

But goddam, Pedro’s, you put up a good fight. Two days: cheese free.


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