Fromage-free meal #2: Cat Cora

I’ll admit I squealed like a stuck pig-girl when I flipped through my copy of Great Chefs Cook Vegan last week and saw that one of the featured chefs was CAT CORA! Dude. She is the only chick Iron Chef and she always kicks ass. Plus she always reserves time at the end of the show for a shot of ouzo with her crew. Dude!



So I tackled her meal next: Basque Veggie Kabobs with Key Lime Sauce, Curried Cauliflower with Currants and Pine Nuts and, for dessert, a Kiwi Parfait.

The ingredient hunt was nowhere near as difficult as that silly okra jaunt the other day. The list was all produce, a couple spices (to which I haughtily kerfuffled at: “But of course I have garam masala on my spice rack.), some seeds and nuts and shit. Nothing weird that Rosauer’s wouldn’t carry.

I was surprised to not find Poblano peppers in the produce section, so instead I opted for one that looked similar: a Pasilla pepper. Again my kitchen chef ego was boosted when I found out that Poblanos are often sold north of the border as Pasillas. Harumph. That’s an interesting little tidbit I thought you might like to know.

Prep was easy, and Joe did the manly part of barbecuing for me so I didn’t risk burning my face off. However, on second thought, I did deep fry food the other day. The idea of burning from a barbecue sounds much more enticing and than burning from hot oil. I feel like I could stop-drop-roll faster and more rationally. Anyways.

Everything tasted excellent. No need for cheese anywhere.

A photo:



The kebabs were all mesquite-y and spicy, and the sauce had a nice kick in the ass right at the end. Seeing as the last time I made anything with cauliflower gave me ass-blasting gas for like three days afterward (did you know that about cauliflower? Consider yourself warned.) this was a nice re-introduction. Hello Cat Cora’s cauliflower salad, you are delish.

I made the kiwi parfaits for dinner with vanilla soy yogurt, graham crackers and kiwi. Awesome. Didn’t last long enough for a photo.

Aside from last night’s cheese offense (hey – I admitted it!), I’m not feeling the need for anything cheesy. We’ll see how long that lasts though.


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