On “quiche”

Looks like puke! Tastes like awesome!

Looks like puke! Tastes like awesome!

I used to be such a freak about quiche. During that time I gained lots of weight and probably pumped my arteries with lots of cholesterol. My quiche fixation ended abruptly after I ate a piece from The Rocket that sent me into a pukey-fit of food poisoning or SARs or something like it. Quiche was not my thing anymore. Neither was The Rocket.

After my longest dabble in veganism a few years ago, when I integrated non-vegan ingredients back into my diet I found I couldn’t eat eggs anymore. Sure, if they’re in stuff I’m fine (cookies, cakes, delicious things). But an omelet, an egg sandwich, a scramble. No effing way. Made me want to barf.

I make a mean vegan frittata, but I’d never tried making a quiche until today. Yes, that baking pan of totally unappetizing looking brown stuff is a vegan quiche, sans tofu. I made it from a recipe in the genius Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. One of the things I always loved about quiche were the stringy bits of cheddar and little surprise puffs of goat cheese. This quiche (actually called Mushroom, Leek and White Bean Pie) is delicious without cheese. In fact, I didn’t even think about quiche having cheese until right now.

I’m savoring every day by taking afternoon naps and making mid-day quiches. I start a new job in a week and will have to get back on a normal 9-5 schedule.

Need to nap now.


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