Cooking Catch-Up

A meal, which I forgot to post on… Sunday? Shit. Long week. This five-day work week thing is harder than I remember.

Rainbow Rice & Fried Green Tomatoes

Rainbow Rice & Fried Green Tomatoes

The meal was simple and a great post-work romp in the kitchen if I do say so myself. I made Rainbow Rice from the VYY cookbook, and then followed her recipe from the VYY blog for Fried Green Tomatoes. EXCELLENT. I even got all fancy shmancy and made a balsamic reduction, which really – don’t tell – just consists of putting a 1/2 cup of vinegar on the stove. On heat. That’s it.

The rice was just a mish-mosh of brown rice, black beans, corn, carrots, green peas and then flavored with all kinds of savory stuff. It was really meaty and very, very satisfying. I was equally happy the next day when I ate the leftovers at work.

The fried green tomatoes were to save the last big fellas on my tomato plants from being pecked away by fall. They were incredible — too good, actually. I don’t want to like fried food too much because its (1) unhealthy (2) expensive (oil is so spendy!) and (3) messy (I hate using our iron skillets because I never want to clean them).

The rest of the week I have continued to cook out of the book, but have been too ravenous each night to photograph the food before I shove it down my gullet. The Soy-Mirin Tofu was really good, but I left the tofu on way, way, way too long (hoping to replicate the amazing Kung Pao Tofu at Hong Kong Chef in Missoula, Mont.) and it got really dry. And the Grilled Pear and Cabbage Salad was amazing. Neither of these mean anything to you without photos. I will move on.

This is kind of a boring catch-up post, but read the next one because that’s where things get really exciting!!!


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