Nom nom nom

Vegan Yum Yum is proving to be the best cookbook I could have bought for my can-I-be-vegan experiment. Tonight we (Joe helped) made an awesome Creamy Sweet Potato Bake. See? IMG_0012It was really tasty. I tried to go totally hog-wild with new stuff tonight and also made a Green Tomato Chutney. It was kind of terrible — even though Joe told me not to throw it to the wind just yet (which conjured up all kinds of images of me standing outside throwing ladle-fulls of chutney into the wind). I picked about three pounds of green tomatoes off my withering plants today — I just can’t bring myself to let them go. Anyone with a green tomato recipe? Most of mine are tiny green cherry tomatoes…

I’ve been eating as vegan as I can, but cracked the other day over a package of string cheese, of all things. They are a great pick-me-up at work, I’m finding. I gotta say, I’m the most vegan cheese-lover EVER!

A few shout-outs to some good recipes/blogs I’ve seen this week:

The SpoVegan Mushroom Dip!

The SpoVegan Mushroom Dip!

– The LOVELY Crystal posted a great recipe for Mushroom Dip Sandwiches last week, and I made them on Sunday night. And we actually opted out of any cheese or “cheez” at all — I was proud of us! Though my co-workers said my sandwich the next day (I brought it to work and assembled one with leftovers) made our office smell “funky,” they were excellent. We ate ours with Imagine Cream of Mushroom and a salad with toasted nuts and dried cranberries. Joe’s been making vinagrettes lately with white balsamic vinegar (note: we are still poor, we just have a lot of these types of things around the house) — and I highly recommend it on your salads!

– I recently discovered The Manifest Vegan and want to start making some of the food she posts there — especially her Spanakopita recipe. Mmmmm.

– Today I came across the Quarry Girl blog — a blog kept by a vegan gal living in Los Angeles. GAWD am I jealous of things like this. When the snow hits here soon, I’m going to be even more jealous of people who live in warm places with better food. Blast!


2 responses to “Nom nom nom

  1. Yay! I’m glad you liked the sandwiches! Reading makes me sad in a jealous and hungry kind of way. I wish Picabu still did breakfast.

  2. I’ve got many of my windowsills lined with green tomatoes slowly ripening. Give it a try; works great!

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