“Eggs,” “Cheese,” metal, etcetera.

I’m lucky. I have in-laws that I really, really like. And that’s not something many people I know can say. Joe’s folks are funny people — the type who live normal lives, but when you get down to their core you realize they are pretty weird. In good ways. They have funny sayings and quirks and habits. One of my favorite things about my in-laws are that there are lots of cute things that they do for each other. John likes to surprise Dee with little gift, which always make her cry. Dee lays out a cup of coffee for John in the mornings.

When I met Joe, I quickly fell in love with one of his family’s traditions: Monday nights were always, without fail “Egg & Potato Night.” For dinner, Dee whips up some kind of eggs (fried, scrambled, egg-sandwich) and roasted potatoes. She once told me that Mondays were hectic enough, and that was just an easy dinner to throw on the table at the end of the day. She’d call Joe at work, and he’d ask me “My mom wants to know if you want to come to egg and potato night.” I usually did.

Tonight I decided to resurrect this tradition, in our own style: “Tofu & Potato Night.” I made a simple tofu scramble with mushrooms and kale, and a side of roasted potatoes. And, because it is my new favorite thing, I made a thick “cheese” sauce to go over the scramble. Usually we just treat tofu scramble as a ketchup-delivery device, but lately I’m really into fake cheese sauce. Now, you know I’m a cheese fan. But this shit is the shit! Pretty much every vegan cookbook has a version of fake cheese sauce, usually consisting of nutritional yeast, veggie stock, turmeric, dijon mustard and flour. I’ve been eating it like crazy: on chips, on toast, on scrambles. It’s kind of fulfilling my cheese addiction — the methadone to my heroin habit, if you will.

So hopefully we can keep “Tofu & Potato Night” going for a little bit. I might forget by the time Wednesday rolls around…

Slayer says "Tofu & Potato Night ruuuuules!"

Slayer says "Tofu & Potato Night ruuuuules!"


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  1. New entry please!!!!!

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