Some people idolize rockstars…


Our posters designed by the lovely, handsome

But I idolize cookbook authors. Dorky, I know. This little event started with a geeky piece of fanmail.

An avid follower of Sarah Kramer’s blog,, I read a post over the summer that she’d be doing a West Coast book tour in support of the 10th Anniversary edition of her first cookbook, How It All Vegan! I figured she’d be hitting the cooler cities — Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, LA. Not our lame little Eastern Washington town, right?

So I wrote her, said we’ve got a great little group of vegans here and would love to host her for a book event.

Well she did agreed. WHAT?! Crystal (the founder of the Spokane Vegans) and I were shocked!

So in two short weeks, we’re looking to throw the best little vegan soiree this town has ever seen. A four course dinner, made by us.

Please. Please. Help make us look good to our idol. Buy tickets. I mean, how often can you get GREAT food — four courses of it — for $20!! NEVER! Buy tickets here.






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